Dainius Strazdas CV

Dainius Strazdas


My motto: you can repeat - you can improve. Most of my time I dedicate to reconstruction of ancient ceramics techniques, ranging from Stone Age to Renaissance, as well as to cognition and knowledge of old master’s skills. Favourite fields of work are wood fired leaven pottery and heating tile stove projects. 


1962 born in Vilnius;

1993 graduate of Vilnius Art Academy;

Since 1992 participant in 18 exhibitions, organizer of 12 exhibitions;

1999–2010 organizer and guide of annual international “Camp for Archaic ceramics” in Trakai, Lithuania;

Since 2011 organizer and guide of annual international camp “The Workshop of Ancient Crafts” in Trakai, Lithuania;

Since 2003 director of “Vilnius Potters’ Guild”. The Guild collects and communicates historical data about Vilnius pottery, organizes educational and social projects;

Since 2007 president of association “The court artisans” www.dvaromeistrai.lt;

Since 2011 certified National Product craftsman http://www.marketing-europe.eu/


Selected exhibitions

2004 Lithuanian – Japanese project of anagama firing “Fragments of Earth” (Ceramics Museum, Kaunas);

2008 „Following the Steps of Prehistoric Ceramics 4“ (National Museum of Lithuania, Vilnius);

2008 „Following the Steps of Prehistoric Ceramics” (Russian Museum of Ethnography, Saint Petersburg, Russia);

2009 “From the Perspective of Eternity. Sub Specie Aeternitatis” (Sojus dizainerov, Saint Petersburg, Russia);

2009 “Ancient Pottery of Karelia. New Look” (Karelian State Museum of Regional History, Petrozavodsk, Russia);

2010 “Reconstructed Ceramics of  Staraya Ladoga, 8th–9th c.” (Trakai History Museum, Lithuania);  


Selected bibliography (published in Lithuanian)

1998. “The Furnace. A Metaphysical Aspect.” Liaudies kultūra 1998 No. 3.

2000. “Some Aspects of the Treatment of Medieval Pottery.” Dailės ir architektūros tyrimų metodologinės problemos. Vilnius.

2004. “The Techniques of Ancient Pottery. Episodes of Reconstruction.” Senosios keramikos pėdomis. Vilnius.

2011. The Technology of Vilnius Gothic and Renaissance Ceramics: A Methodology Programme for Students of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Vilnius.